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Authors: Jeff Dillon

Kory Sperry had the most impressive day offensively for the Rams Saturday, finishing with eight catches for 103 yards and three touchdowns.

The senior tight end tied a career high for receptions (he had eight against Navy in the 2005 Poinsettia Bowl) and became the first CSU receiver with three touchdowns in a game since Dustin Osborn did it against Minnesota in 2005.

Co-Offensive Coordinator Dan Hammerschmidt said the CU-Boulder defense set up perfectly for Sperry to get as many looks as he did.

“They played a lot of man coverage, which they had an outside linebacker lined up against him,” Hammerschmidt said. “Our deal was if they were going to play that we were going to take advantage of the mismatch, so we did.”

Senior quarterback Caleb Hanie said he was impressed with Sperry’s ability to get open, which was showcased on a 37-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter where it appeared the CU defense had completely lost track of him.

“He did a great job today, making some great catches as well as some pretty open plays,” Hanie said.

But Sperry was not content with the performance of the offense, though he admitted it already looks better than a season ago.

“We keep talking about last year, but this is a new year,” Sperry said. “We’re to the point where our offense has to get it going. We should’ve put more points on the board. We had two, three single plays that kind of screwed us up.”

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