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For whatever reason, the quarterback usually gets all the credit when his team wins and all the blame when his team loses.

But CSU senior Caleb Hanie and CU-Boulder freshman Cody Hawkins were just two of several factors that decided the unfortunate outcome of Saturday’s Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Statistically, Hanie outplayed Hawkins, throwing for more yards and touchdowns. But fans won’t remember that. What they will remember is Hanie’s overtime interception that allowed Hawkins to win his first-ever collegiate game.

What fans should remember is that Hanie played a near-perfect game and that his interception was a product of some serious bad luck after two of his teammates collided with one another in the end zone.

Sometimes it’s just better to be lucky than good.

If you’re looking for somewhere to place the blame for the loss, which most fans usually are, consider the play of the Rams special teams – particularly the 135 kick-off return yards CU cornerback Terrence Wheatley amassed.

And by the way, the Rams just might want to fix this problem.

The Cal Bears are coming to town this weekend and with them comes one of the best return men in college football, DeSean Jackson.

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