Aug 302007
Authors: Kris Cote

Labor Day Weekend brings one last summer hoorah full of football, tailgating, barbecues and camping.

It also brings the reminder that the cold, white, fluffy stuff is on the way.

Sports Authority, formerly Gart Sports, will kickoff their 53rd annual SNIAGRAB sale Saturday.

SNIAGRAB is the largest ski and snowboard sale in the country, and has become known as the unofficial beginning of the ski season where enthusiasts strap on the gear without a snowflake in sight.

“I got my board there last year,” said Arron Lembky, a junior sociology major. “It gets you pumped for the season.”

The sale has a large impact on the ski community. Mark Correll, a merchandising manager at Sports Authority, said the sale is the beginning.

“It’s the kick off,” Correll said. “After this, people start counting the days until Loveland or A-Basin open up.”

SNIAGRAB (“bargains” backward) has become famous for having great deals on ski and snowboard gear, along with other winter clothing and equipment. The sale also has representatives from many of Colorado’s ski resorts on hand selling season passes at early season prices.

“It sounds cool to me,” said Blake Elder, a freshmen business administration major. “Any time you can get a deal like that it’s sweet.”

Stores across the Front Range will be hosting the sale, said Brian Stien, senior regional vice president for the central region at Sports Authority.

Deals will also be available to students attending the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Stein said employees will be at the game giving out vouchers to students.

“We’ll be at all of the entrances of the stadium giving out coupons for additional discounts on top of the sale prices,” Stein said. “These coupons will be valid at all of the sale locations including Boulder and Fort Collins.”

At the Sports Authority’s “Sports Castle” located at 10th and Broadway in Denver, it seems as though SNIAGRAB has become more of an event than a sale, one that even features celebrities of the winter sports world.

The Sports Castle location will feature X-Games gold medalist Steve Fisher on Saturday and Sunday. Hannah Teter, a 2006 Olympic gold medalist, will be on hand also.

Stein said the sale usually lasts the whole month of September in Fort Collins, and in Denver will go on into November, but opening weekend has the best deals.

“It’s the biggest ski and snowboard sale at any place on any given day,” Stein said. “It’s a chance to get great deals on great gear and have a lot of fun too.”

In Fort Collins, Sports Authority is located on the northwest corner of College Avenue and Mulberry Avenue.

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