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Aug 302007

For the 10,000 students dedicated enough to go to wake up early Saturday morning and cheer on the Rams in the Rocky Mountain Showdown against CU-Boulder, here’s some advice: wear a green shirt to the game.

There’s no doubt we have better fans, so let’s prove it.

A student section just doesn’t have the same effect when everyone is wearing different colors. And there’s no excuse for not having a green shirt, for every student has been given a free one courtesy of this fine institution.

And if you’ve lost yours, go buy another one. The players will be giving it their all and so should you.

And Yellow is defiantly out of the question because it’s taken by the other team.

Also, try as hard as you can to show up on time. Ten in the morning is early for college students to do anything, but the only thing worse than a multi-colored student section is a late student section.

Apparently 10 in the morning is the only time the game can be broadcast nationally, so embrace it. At least the Showdown is on Fox Sports and not some obscure station like it was last year.

Go Rams.

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