Aug 302007
Authors: Elizabeth Fritzler

This Saturday, Hodi’s Half Note will likely reach its 300-person capacity as the venue hosts Congregations Building Community’s (CBC) fundraiser concert.

Local rock bands, Other Side of Clearview and The Brotherhood of Dae Han, who have played at Hodi’s before, will join Tickle Me Pink and No Fair Fights for the benefit event.

CBC, with 100-plus members, seeks to overcome social barriers between cultural groups. The organization’s current community involvement includes aid for families stricken by the Greeley meatpacking plant raids.

The Saturday event marks the non-profit’s first major public attempt at moving into Fort Collins, and CBC anticipates confronting issues such as affordable housing and education in the upcoming year.

CSU graduate Matt Luizza has acted as the medium between the music and CBC for the past two months. As lead singer for Other Side of Clearview and Chief Operations Officer for CBC, Luizza said the show’s paramount goal is to get college students actively involved in the community.

Promotions through KCSU, flyers and the Internet allowed Luizza to hit advertising from every angle possible, he said.

The Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado pledges to match Saturday’s donations up to $10,000, while KCSU and Scene Magazine contribute as additional sponsors. CBC suggests a $5 donation.

In addition to its position as a fundraiser, the event may further popularize Fort Collins’ local music artists.

Joey Barba, The Brotherhood of Dae Han’s guitarist, said they want to play for all ages.

“We didn’t want to play unless it could be all ages,” Barba said.

A lack of age restriction, paired with free admission for CSU students, could influence familiarity with resident bands. However, Barba still predicts “a lot of loyal fans” in the turnout.

Greta Cornett, Hodi’s Promotion Manager, expressed her anticipation and emphasized that the concert should serve partly as a welcoming event for university students.

“I enjoy being in a position to help out with the local music scene and in the community,” she said. “It [the concert] should appeal to all college students.”

Hodi’s normally holds one fundraising concert per month. The most recent show benefited a cancer-fighting organization. Another show is scheduled for next month as well.

“This is the first benefit concert that CBC has ever done, so it’s been a learning process,” Luizza said. “But we’re hoping we can possibly turn this into an annual thing.”

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Congregations Building Community Benefit Concert

Saturday, Aug. 1 @ 8 p.m.

Hodi’s Half Note, 167 N. College Ave.

All Ages

Featured bands: Other Side of Clearview, The Brotherhood of Dae Han, Tickle Me Pink, No Fair Fights

Admission: Free for CSU students (with valid ID)

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