Aug 292007

What’s up with the Collegian writing that it’s wrong of CSU to twist numbers, yet the headline on the front page is “CSU ranks in top tier.” Not at all misleading…

To the girl who sits front row in my speech class: if you ask another stupid question, I will throw my shoe at you.

You know you go to an Ag school when there is corn growing on campus… does anyone know what is up with that next to thee bikes by the library??

To the biker who warned the walkers: take caution while running over

pedestrians. Last year I did that, and broke my wrist.

Attention bikers: Don’t be mad at ME for almost running YOU over with my car,

after all you are biking in the designated car lane.

I was walking through the Art building and I noticed that there was a lot of trashcans placed in somewhat odd spots. Then it rained and I realized those aren’t trashcans but glorified buckets to catch the water that drips in from the ceiling . . . it was inspiring.

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