Aug 292007
Authors: Aaron Hedge

CSU Police stopped four members of Pi Kappa Alpha, a fraternity ousted by the university in fall 2005, during freshmen move-in for allegedly advertising parties and recruiting in residence halls.

Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) members Alex Mann, 19; Matthew Martinez, 19; Justin Leuenburger, 22; and Michael Bender, 19, were stopped by the CSU Police Department on Thursday, Aug. 16, while handing out recruitment calendars that featured “The PIKE Dream Girls” models, according to a police report.

“It is reported that they used the Greek move-in program to invite freshmen to recruitment parties and distribute the “Rush PIKE Dream Girls’ calendar,” said Blanche Hughes, vice president of Student Affairs, in a letter to the campus community Wednesday.

“Recruitment of new members through alcohol dominated parties and a sexualized image of the fraternity are not in keeping with the values of their Greek peers .” the letter said.

No charges have been filed against the fraternity members, who according to the letter, were seen wearing CSU Greek T-shirts given only to recognized fraternities and sororities.

PIKE was stripped of its recognition at the university after hosting a series of “Rise and Ralph” incidents two years ago, during which pledges were put on lockdown until 5 a.m. and then pressured to drink until they vomited.

Since the reports of hazing and other misconduct, the fraternity has been banned from all university-sanctioned events, such as freshmen move-in and RamWelcome.

The Interfraternity Council, the group that governs the Greeks, banned PIKE from its events and meetings, but the fraternity still exists outside the university.

“Since they are an unrecognized chapter, they have lost a lot of privileges,” Quintana said.

There is concern that members of PIKE are representing themselves as an organization affiliated with CSU, said Brad Bohlander, a university spokesman.

“They are definitely not a CSU-recognized organization,” Bohlander said.

The fraternity has not had a charter with CSU since 2005, but is still chartered through the Pi Kappa Alpha national organization.

“They keep coming up with things that make bad headlines that reaffirm the reason they lost their affiliation,” Quintana said.

Martinez and Leuenburger declined to comment. And Bender, Mann and TJ Sheahen, president of PIKE, could not be reached for comment.

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