Aug 272007
Authors: Chris Seegers

Bikes, boards and bus passes dominated the Lory Student Plaza Monday morning at the first annual Sensible Modes of Alternative Road Transportation (SMART) Fair.

The goal of this new event is to promote more ecologically – and economically – sound means of transportation.

“We believe in alternative transportation and voice not driving a car,” said Dylan Meintes, a Wright Life representative. “I think they should do it (SMART Fair) each semester, they get new students each semester. We advocate anything that’s not hurting your environment.”

The SMART fair seemed to be a success, as students strolled from booth to booth taking advantage of the promotions while educating themselves on local transportation options.

Activities available at the fair included a bike raffle, a Frisbee toss for shirts, free Otter Pops and a free bicycle light with each bicycle registration.

” I think it adds character to our campus,” said Danielle Yager, a sophomore speech communication major.

When asked if she supported alternative transport she replied: “I walk or take the bus to campus.”

The CSUPD had a different goal in mind than many of the other booths in the Plaza. Their booth was focused on public safety, bicycle registration and campus regulations, instead.

“We are here to educate the public on bike rules and regulations,” said Joy Childress, a CSUPD official. “The rules for a bike are the same as for a car.”

The police department cited bike theft as one of its biggest problems on campus and strongly encourages bicycle registration.

“When we have a bicycle stolen that is registered we can identify it by the number inscribed upon the bike, if it is not registered, we can only go on the owner’s description,” said Childress.

The SMART Fair helped students to find new or existing methods to cut their impact on the environment and also to save money.

Bicycles, long boards, skateboards and local free bus routes were all showcased as sensible modes of transportation.

Yet the fair and CSU may be missing at least one transportation alternative.

“I think there should be shuttles, especially during the winter.” said Yager. “There should definitely be shuttles late at night for the boozers.”

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Breakout Stuff:

Cars and light trucks, which include sport utility vehicles, pickups and most minivans, emit more than 300 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year in the United States. The transportation sector alone is responsible for about one-third of our nation’s total production of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that contributes in a big way to global warming.- source: environmental defense.

CSUPD- $15 ticket for not having required license. It costs $5 to register a bicycle with CSUPD. Need CSU ID number and bicycle’s serial number. For riding at night, students must have a light that is visible from 500 feet from the front and a reflector that is visible 600 feet from the rear.

As a result of the National Fitness Survey, the Sports Council and the Health Education Authority have made recommendations for taking regular exercise as an essential ingredient of healthy living. Cycling fulfils these recommendations perfectly. Regular cycling can improve your health through:

Increased Fitness Your strength, stamina, aerobic fitness and general muscle function are all improved, with little risk of over exertion or strain. Regular exercise also facilitates other healthy behaviour especially diet and giving up smoking.

Lowering Risk of Heart Attack Your heart muscles are strengthened, resting pulse is lowered and blood fat levels reduced. People taking regular exercise suffer far less heart disease than people who don’t. Cycling is one of the best ways of keeping fit.

Shedding Excess Weight By burning body fat, and raising your metabolic rate you can lose weight. If you exercise regularly you can enjoy a more varied diet without increasing body weight. Cycling is also a more comfortable form of exercise for the overweight than many other activities.

Reducing Stress Anxiety, stress and depression are all alleviated, partly due to the exercise itself, and also the sheer pleasure of riding a bike. Cycling is accessible, convenient for short journeys, and often faster across town than any other form of transport. It’s an ideal means of exercising throughout life, because it can be adjusted to your individual level of fitness, and form part of your daily travelling routine.

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