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Aug 262007

A lot of time and money has been spent on discouraging irresponsible partying at CSU. And it might just be working, at least after the first weekend.

After a long, hard week of collecting syllabi, it’s possible that some students may have felt the urge to go out and party.

For those that did so, they seemed to have been responsible about it, for the most part.

Despite the overwhelming presence of cops patrolling the mean streets of the Fort on Friday and Saturday night, there was only one DUI to report.

Thankfully, there were no alcohol-related deaths nor riots to speak of.

So here’s to you, the student body, for starting off the fall semester on a good, safe note. Let this past weekend set a precedent for the remainder of the year.

Programs like Ram Ride were created to improve unsafe partying at CSU and they seem to be working.

What’s more, a lot of cash was recently spent to find out just how much a Ram parties these days. Based on this weekend’s preliminary results, the findings of that study may be more sober than anticipated.

All weekend talk aside, though, because it’s Monday once again. But this time around, work has actually been assigned. Ah, the earliest phase of procrastination begins.

If only every week was as easy as the first.

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