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Aug 232007

CSU should take responsibility for every company involved in its construction.

Sure, the university didn’t directly hire Diversified Builders, the subcontractor that’s being accused of shady employment practices. But they’re still here, building, working and contributing to our college experience.

Simply passing off the allegations made against the company as somebody else’s problem is irresponsible and worrisome. It is the original contractor’s problem, but it should be the university’s prerogative to ensure fair practices in any and all labor done on campus.

Colorado, for better or worse, touts one of the most stringent illegal immigration policies in the nation. Meanwhile, CSU turns a blind eye to subcontracting, a clever way of removing the university of blame in sub par pay and the employment of undocumented workers, which gives way to employers taking advantage of hard-working people.

That’s quite a mixed message.

The university should have taken responsibility on the front end of the bidding process of the Academic Village contract. Instead, it went the cheap, easy and possibly unethical way out.

It’s a simple equation, really: The university saves money, removes itself of responsibility while construction workers and families get the short end of the stick.

The new facility will certainly benefit students and campus, but would be nice to know our university truly cared about those who worked in the summer heat to provide such luxuries.

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