Aug 212007

CSU has done a great disservice to the 29 new students who were forced into overflow due to lack of space in residence halls.

Now, five days after being diverted to basement study rooms on move-in day, the displaced students finally have a permanent home.

After going through another hectic move, these students will finally be able to deal with things that most students went through their first weekend.

They will get to meet, probably for the first time, their permanent roommate. Not yet acquainted with the habits, sounds and smells of the stranger they will spend the next year yet, they will have to play catch-up to become comfortable.

Not given the opportunity to participate in RamWelcome with their new hall-mates, they will have to work double-time to force their way into the cliques that have already formed in their halls.

Maybe we are just reading into this a little too much, but it seems to us that the university, who claims to be doing its best to try to make new students feel welcome, has really dropped the ball on this one.

Those first few days without classes, where new students’ only worry is finding new friends in the dorms, is a pivotal period for feeling comfortable in the university setting.

Due to poor planning, however, these students were forced to miss this important move-in experience.

We hope in the future, the university will look past impressive enrollment numbers, and will pause just long enough to make sure they actually have room for the students they admit.

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