Aug 212007
Authors: Jaclyn Cosgrove Oklahoma State U.

(U-WIRE) STILLWATER, Okla. – I’ve never really had a problem with nudity.

I remember being at a public pool when I was 3 and stripping out of my bathing suit after my mom said it was time to go.

My mother, blushing and cackling, wrapped me in a towel, trying to hide her wild child from being seen.

Since that time, though, my parents were able to get through my head that I shouldn’t strip randomly in public places.

I called my mom the day before I went to Oaklake Trails to remind her I was going to a nudist park.

I had forgotten to mention until this point that I was planning to go naked.

“You’re what?” she responded.

I think she was a little freaked out with the idea at first. However, my parents are firm believers that I’m a big kid now, so she didn’t try to stop me.

So, on a warm August day, I made the trek out to Oaklake Trails.

I had told most of my friends that I planned to “partake.”

However, when I made it to the office and saw a few naked people standing around casually, I rethought the idea.

Was I really going to get naked? What if people stared? Had I remembered to shave everything?

“What have I gotten myself into?” I thought, as my heart raced.

I reminded myself this was for journalism.

The first thing I did was take a tour of the entire grounds with my clothes on.

But soon I was handed off to Diana McCalment, who drove me in a golf cart to her house.

We talked for a bit and then I changed.

When I first walked out of the bathroom, I felt the sudden rush to cover myself.

The reason I went naked at Oaklake Trails wasn’t so I could write a funny column or freak out my mom.

I went naked because I wanted the people I was interviewing to feel comfortable with me.

I wanted to get the full experience of Oaklake Trails so I could report to you accurately about it.

My experience at Oaklake Trails wasn’t awkward. No one stared and said “Look at Fatty Patty over there.”

I was treated with respect and reminded of how free it feels to go natural. And this time, no one cackled.

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