Aug 202007

I have to ask: how many people are ALREADY annoyed with the new parking procedure in the Engineering Lot? It’s where punctual students go to die…

I love how two pages after the article about the grant CSU received to help pay for alcohol education was a full page ad for Liquor Depot advertising keg blowouts.

I didn’t see any girls with Uggs on today. Keep up the good work ladies.

To the person who decided to swipe my jump drive from the Gifford computer lab yesterday if you could please contact me and at least let me know that “Mini” is ok I would really appreciate it… My contact information is in the document titled resume…

Does CSU give benefits for major donors? I swear I paid $300 dollars in parking violations last semester… That’s charity. Where’s my medal or letter of appreciation?

To the girl and her friend in the blue car: The next time you hit someone while they’re riding their bike because you forgot to learn how to drive before coming to college, don’t just smile and wave. Apologize.

If Chuck Norris and Survivorman got in a fight, who would win?

After watching rob and big, my roommates and I decided that we need a big fat friend, or BFF, and when we say big we mean the person that will close a buffet, bottom out cars, and shops at big and tall stores. Do work son.

Do not rent from 1611 Mathews St. It is an unsafe place to live and the landlord will take you for a ride.

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