Aug 192007

Attention freshmen – not all college students drink.

See that? In seven words, we’ve done what CSU plans to spend a $260,000 grant to do – letting new students and old know that it’s okay to not drink.

While we respect the administration’s commitment to preventing future tragedies like Samantha Spady’s alcohol related death almost three years ago, we just don’t see how their planned tactics to combat excessive and underage drinking can be successful.

Two years ago, the administration tried a similar campaign with Alcohol EDU – a computer-based program that attempted to educate new students about alcohol and many of the common misconceptions associated with it.

It didn’t work.

Every year, we see mobs of intoxicated freshman combing the neighborhoods for parties. Every year we end up reporting about alcohol-related accidents in our CSU community.

It’s obvious that fancy words aren’t stopping peer pressure, so maybe it’s time for the administration to try a different approach to stopping freshmen drinking and be a bit more creative with that grant money.

Just think, they could start a program to slip Antabuse into the soda fountains of the Dining Halls.

Two to three nights of that, and student drinking would drop faster than John McCain’s hopes of becoming the next U.S. president.

Parents and students would protest, but it’s clear that if the university is serious about slowing drinking, they need to be more controversial.

Either that, or maybe they could hire some more police to patrol the residence halls, aimlessly flogging the freshmen with Dixie cups.

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