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Aug 192007
Authors: Griffin Faust, Laura Anderson

As summer vacation comes to an end, CSU is filling up once again with suntanned, anxious faces. Among the waves of freshmen and returning students, the new fall semester brings recently hired faculty and staff to campus as well.

In all the confusion, preparation and excitement it’s easy to forget friendly introductions. Stopped and questioned in the comfort of new offices, a few new professors were able to comment on their education, ideas and future goals.

With backgrounds in everything from magnetics to poetry, each new face brings their own brand of diversity to campus.

There are several new additions to the department of biology, including Assistant Professor Lisa Angeloni.

Originally from Los Angeles, Angeloni received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California-Berkeley and her Ph.D. from the University of California-San Diego.

“I think I have a special appreciation for diversity being at campuses more diverse than CSU,” Angeloni said.

Angeloni hopes to continue her research in the reproductive behavior of organisms and is about to begin a study on guppies, as well as teaching BZ220.

Joseph von Fischer began his education in the physics departmemt before switching to English at Augustana College in Sioux City, South Dakota. After participating in a work-study on snails, he finally declared biology.

Also an assistant professor for the department of biology, von Fischer, received his Ph.D. from Cornell University and did post-doctoral work at Princeton University.

He has high hopes for his time at CSU.

“I’m trying to generate new insights as to how natural ecological systems work, and train students, both graduate and undergraduate, to think critically about ecological systems,” von Fischer said. He will be teaching BY320.

The statistics department also has several new faces, including Associate Professor Mary Meyer. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in physics and master’s in mathematics, Meyer said, “I was a little disenchanted because it (math) was so abstract.”

After some time off, Meyer decided to pursue a Ph.D. in statistics, which she received from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Meyer will not be teaching any classes this fall but will be working with graduate students in the spring. Meyer plans to conduct research with scientists in other fields.

“You get to do any kind of science you want to do. Statisticians are in demand so you can kind of pick and choose,” Meyer said.

Beginning in the Department of English this fall, Assistant Professor Dan Beachy-Quick received his undergraduate degree in English with a minor in art history at Denver University He also completed the MFA program at the University of Iowa.

Before coming to CSU, Beachy-Quick instructed writing courses at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for nine years.

“To find inspiration, I look to nature, observations and my daughter,” said the recently published author. Beachy-Quick has three books of poetry. His most recently released book is titled “Mulberry.” The courses he will be teaching this fall are E311B and E640B.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Assistant Professor Andy Merolla teaches in the Department of Speech Communication at CSU. Merolla began his studies at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, completed a master’s at West Virginia University and taught classes while achieving a Ph.D. in communications from Ohio State University.

“In terms of research,” said Merolla. “That’s what keeps me busy. I study personal relationships, marriage relationships, dating relationships, long-distance relationships.”

Recently, Merolla has been examining the stress on families with members in the military.

Among other publications, Merolla’s work can be seen in the “Journal of Society and Personal Relationships.” Merolla will be teaching both sections of SPCM332 this fall.

First arriving at CSU in fall 2002 to conduct post-doctoral work, Mingzhong Wu is taking the position of Research Scientist III in the physics department this fall. Wu studied for his bachelor’s and Ph.D. at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China. His involvement in studying magnetics goes back nearly 20 years.

“For this position I needed to do both research and teaching, and also outreach, so my responsibilities are different,” said Wu.

Wu is not teaching courses this semester, but will be focusing on research, proposals and funding for programs within his department.


This is a list of faculty/staff starting this fall 07 compiled by assistants at each college

College of Agricultural Sciences

Alan Andales Soil & Crop Sciences

Marco Costanigro Agricultural & Resource Economics

Chris Goemans Agricultural & Resource Economics

Gregg Graff Agricultural & Resource Economics

College of Applied Human Sciences

Marisa Bunning Food Sciences & Human Nutrition

Leslie Cunningham-Sabo Food Sciences & Human Nutrition

Jeff Miller Food Sciences & Human Nutrition

Richard Gibbs Design & Merchandising

Benjamin Miller Health & Exercise Science

Mary Nobe Construction Management

Edward Brantmeier School of Education

Tom Chermack School of Education

Ellyn Dickmann School of Education

Antonette Aragon Social Work

Emily Dakin Social Work

Louise Quijano Social Work

College of Business

Steven Laposa Loveland Commercial Endowed Chair in Real Estate

Henry Nowak Director, Entrepreneurship Center

Kelly Martin Marketing

College of Engineering

Sybil Sharvelle Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Mazdak Arabi Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Dominico Bau Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Ricky Kwok Electrical & Computer Engineering

Diego Krapf Electrical & Computer Engineering

College of Liberal Arts

Sanam Emami Art

Ramaa Vasudevan Economics

Anita Pena Economics

Dan Beachy-Quick English

Carrie Lamanna English

Sue Doe English

Mohammed Hirchi Foreign Language

Richard Breaux History

Robert Gudmestad History

Peter Sommer Music Theatre Dance

Darko Saranec Philosophy

Andy Merolla Speech Communication

Scott Diffrient Speech Communication

College of Natural Resources

Jessica Thompson Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Brett Bruyere Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Julia Klein Forest, Rangeland & Watershed Stewardship

Sara Rathburn Geosciences

College of Natural Sciences

Shing Ho Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Lisa Angeloni Biology

Joe von Fischer Biology

Amy Angert Biology

Mikyoung Lim Mathematics

Mingzhong Wu Physics

Alyssa Gibbons Psychology

Stefanie Gibbons Psychology

Dan Cooley Statistics

Jean Opsomer Statistics

Mary Meyer Statistics

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biological Sciences

Scott Earley Biomedical Sciences

Gerrit Bouma Biomedical Sciences

Gordon Woods Biomedical Sciences

Melinda Frye Biomedical Sciences

Jozsef Vigh Biomedical Sciences

Gregory Amberg Biomedical Sciences

Shane Hentges Biomedical Sciences

Barb Biller Clinical Sciences

Dawn Duval Clinical Sciences

Dan Gustafson Clinical Sciences

Dan Smeak Clinical Sciences

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