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Aug 192007
Authors: Brandon Owens

Some CSU students chose to spend their last weekend of break without the typical poolside lounging, afternoon movies or amusement park rides. Instead, hoards of students rolled up their sleeves to participate in Ram Serve, the university’s annual community service event.

Mary Bowen, senior resident assistant of Allison Hall, decided to spend her Saturday afternoon by serving the Fort Collins community.

Ram Serve is sponsored by the Student Leadership Office at CSU as a part of Ram Welcome. Hundreds of students like Bowen went throughout the city to do various community service projects including yard work, house cleaning and visiting with the elderly in nursing homes.

“It benefits the community by enabling some of the students to get out and network with some of the residents in Fort Collins,” Bowen said. “We are such a big part of the community here.”

Bowen and her residents went to Diamond House off of South College Avenue, a group home through Mosaic, an organization for mentally disabled adults, to help out with some home improvement. Their primary job was to stain a deck and wheelchair ramp for the home.

Bowen said she was fortunate to get several of her residents to come out and serve with her.

“It’s a good way to kick off the school year,” she said. “This is a good stepping stone to building a community in our hall.”

One of Bowen’s motivations for Ram Serve was increased community involvement.

“There are so many other things going on at CSU besides your classes,” she said. “It’s a good way to build character all the way around. We take for granted things like going outside and taking care of yards. Some people can’t do that, and that’s why we’re here.”

The Diamond House partnered with CSUnity last year and was so pleased with the service that they signed up again for Ram Serve.

Melissa Evans, the community relations manager for Mosaic in Northern Colorado, was thankful for the help.

“We want our clients to live as full of a life as possible,” Evans said. “We want our clients to feel good about the place that they live. Projects like this help to make our homes suitable and appealing. We want our clients to be proud to call this their home.”

Bowen’s project was rained out before they finished staining the deck. However, the group still plans to complete their job.

“Overall, the project went better than I thought,” Evans said. “The rain was unfortunate. I was impressed that most of the students were willing to come back and put on a second coat of stain if needed.”

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