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While being back in school for another year of exams, papers, long lectures and late night study sessions is about as enticing as a week-long hang over or a cold that just won’t go away, there are a few classes that can be worth taking if you get a chance.

The first and most popular class among seniors and a few lucky underclassmen that watch RamWeb like it’s their job is the “sex class.”

Psychology of Human Sexuality is always first to fill up and typically the topic of conversation at least once a week for those lucky enough to get in. The rumors tell a tale of porn in the classroom, open discussions about contraception, past experiences and other seemingly awkward curriculum.

True to that scene from Varsity Blues, from what we hear there is even a day where you get to call out all the different nicknames for the male, eh hem, member. Like an exclusive club, this class is one that we all secretly want to join, but may not be open enough to admit it to Mom and Dad when they call for the weekly update.

Next on the list is a class that appeals to the liberal college student in all of us. In case you missed it, we live in one of the least diverse places around, and this class not only acknowledges said homogenization, but also takes an in-depth look at racism, sexism, homophobia and just about all other forms of discrimination.

Ethnicity in the Media is open to all majors and is fairly easy to come by for underclassmen. Part of going to a university is growing into who we will become and nobody likes an ignorant person…or a Debbie Downer, but that’s irrelevant.

In case you’re not intrigued by sex and drama, there is always sports.

A little known fact about this great state institution is that we can take P.E. classes for big kids. There’s a scuba diving class, golf class and even a psychology of sport lecture. You could be certified for your next spring break trip to Mexico, kick your buddies’ butts on the green and figure out why A.I. is so damn smooth all before you graduate.

So put Mommy and Daddy’s money to good use and take the classes you’ll need to graduate in less than six years, but when you have an open spot or two in your schedule, opt for an interesting elective to spice things up.

Take my advice, when your classes start to blur together around mid-terms and that week-long hang over starts to look like the better option, you’ll be wishing you had paid more attention to that Collegian article you saw once.


Scuba Diving is offered Tuesday-Friday taught by James Johnson and Doug


Course number HES 106

Psychology of Human Sexuality is offered Tuesday/Thursday by Kate Martin

Course number PSY 228

Ethnicity and the Media is offered Monda/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursda

by Julie Sullivan and Monica Noethen

Course number ETCC 205

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