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Aug 132007

We would like to thank all of the volunteers who sacrifice their time to help new students into the dorms.

These selfless helpers do two things every CSU student dreads – they wake up early and return to the cramped quarters they came to loathe over the course of their freshman year.

From the representatives of Residential Learning Communities to the men and women of Greek Life all the way down to the permanent staffs of the residence halls, students and staff from almost every corner of campus come out to lend a hand.

For many of them, the only rewards they receive are the thanks of the nervous freshman they aid.

Others, however, take an even better reward for their toil – dorm food.

These people wake up way earlier than the customary crack of noon, work themselves to exhaustion, and for their trouble we give them something most students still have nightmares about.

In spite of this, though, people continue to volunteer year after year.

It doesn’t quite make sense to us, but we are really glad these people exist.

Honestly, we don’t get it, which is probably why we admire them so much. If they weren’t around, freshman would have to spend hours carrying boxes and refrigerators instead of reading the Collegian.

So thank you move in staff for allowing the next generation to get acquainted with the number one distraction to education at CSU.

We’d be nothing without you.

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