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Jul 312007

Our reputation precedes us.

Basically, if you want to be an athlete at CSU, the first step is committing a slew of crimes. If homemade “joke” bombs, confrontations with guns or the usual drinking infractions aren’t your bag, perhaps check fraud or identity theft will lift your jersey.

For some it’s all fun and games, but for others it can be a team building exercise. Take the example set last year by Rams football players who together devised an intricate check fraud and racketeering scheme that resulted in thousands of dollars of theft and left an irreversible dent in the Ram image.

Last spring, one men’s basketball player thought it wise to pull a gun on a teammate and shoot the couch on which he was sitting. He may have jumped the gun in his decision-making, but that’s just not good teamwork.

Now, Stephen Franklin, a 6foot and 6 inches men’s basketball hopeful and full-ride scholarship recipient, has really shown his commitment to CSU sports. Like an overzealous engineering major who hits the text before classes begin, Franklin thought he’d hit the courts ahead of time.

Denver media outlets reported Tuesday that Franklin and an accomplice picked up a woman’s wallet at a Fort Collins party and went on to use her credit card. Maybe Franklin thought this, too, was a joke, but police use big words like “identity theft” and “theft” for things like this.

Let’s hope coach Miles knows words like “bye, bye.”

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