Letter to the editor

Jul 312007

Forgiving all the mistakes in Sean Reed’s actual writing, I find it inexcusable that he would confuse Martin Sheen with Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson has never appeared on “The West Wing.” He has been a regular fixture on “Law & Order” for several years now, and I believe that almost all people who have some passing knowledge of Fred Thompson know this fact. In fact, I find it appalling that a political science major wrote this. Forgetting Fred Thompson for the moment, Mr. Reed goes so far as to state that “…many Americans can’t even name the president…” quoting his source as Jay Leno. This is absurd. What qualifies as many? The five people selectively picked out of hundreds or perhaps thousands of pedestrians with questions and answers edited for maximum comedic affect? His general criterion for deciding how “many Americans” feel or think is consistently suspect (he heard a comment in a Starbucks for instance). Mr. Reed displays an ignorance that perhaps would be forgivable if it didn’t seem so deliberate. It would be nice if some of these opinion articles were actually rooted in reality and fact.

Thank you for your time.


Troy Butler

PhD Student in Mathematics

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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