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Authors: Joseph Haynie

Ward Churchill is one more reason why America is great.

Now, hear me out before you move onto another Joseph Haynie article. I am not a fan – I personally believe that there is no word in the English language that adequately describes how vile this man really is. I disagree with his political philosophies his dishonesty cannot be overlooked when attempting to qualify his character. And I’m glad he got fired – he had it coming.

Last Tuesday, Mr. Churchill was dismissed from CU because, according to the Regents, his conduct “fell below the minimum standards of professional integrity including fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism”.

Faculty members, especially tenured ones, have “the responsibility to maintain competence, exert themselves to the limit of their intellectual capacities. and to act on and off campus with integrity,” they said.

Fabricating information, falsifying facts for the sake of supporting outrageous claims, and plagiarism are the furthest things from the exertion of one’s intellectual capacities. Churchill chose not to uphold these high standards of conduct, and, as a result, was terminated. Logic, reason, and, most importantly, justice were satisfied with his dismissal.

Instead of owning up to his reckless behavior, Churchill has sought to make this case more about his first amendment rights. For this purpose Churchill has filed suit against CU and prolonged this freak show.

It’s disturbing how many members of the American public and academia have failed to look at the bolder, issue of academic misconduct and instead opt to focus on the footnote of freedom of expression. It is not what he said that got him fired, but rather how he said it and how he came to not only those, but other conclusions in his research.

Churchill is no friend to the first amendment, nor is he a hero. He, at best, is a fraud. To label him a hero is a slap in the face of thousands who have answered the call of the martyr, laying down their lives, with dignity and honor, for the cause of freedom and democracy. Heroes come from scenes like the events of Tienanmen Square. Tens of thousands of Chinese students protested the communist government, peacefully petitioning for more liberties. These students, who assembled in the name of democracy, were snuffed out by Chinese military forces. Nearly 3,000 lost their lives because they voiced their opinion. These are the people that should be revered, not Churchill.

That being so, this man is still living proof of the greatness of our nation. The fact that one can make a career out of denouncing the very government that grants him the right to criticize; that one can make heinous assertions about innocent victims of a terrorist attack; that one can do all of these things and more and not lose their life testifies to the greatness of the very thing he proclaims to be evil. Ward Churchill is the antithesis of himself.

America is a great country. No tyrant has set foot on this soil. No citizen of this nation has ever had to look over their shoulder, nor bite their tongue for fear of government censorship or death. We have freedoms and liberties that are relatively new to other nations. While much of the world was under the rule of dictators and despots, America was blazing the trails of democracy with free speech at the forefront.

So seriously, what is Ward Churchill’s problem.

Joseph Haynie is a senior political science major. His column appears occasionally in the summer Collegian edition. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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