Women With Wings

Jul 022007
Authors: Nikki Cristello

Share strength.

That’s what the women sculptors who are currently featured in the Hatton Gallery are encouraging.

The Women With Wings exhibit tells the stories of local women through art.

Lorri Acott-Fowler, co-director and sculptor for Women With Wings, says she and her colleagues make art to inspire and empower women.

“I wanted to be able to give women a voice without having to be an artist,” she said.

The Women With Wings exhibit is on display in the Hatton Gallery through July 10. The sculptures will be auctioned off starting at $500, and winners will be announced at the closing, July 10 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Differences in the clay make the sculptures unique. No two are alike.

In the exhibit are pieces of over 400 Fort Collins women’s lives. They imprinted parts of their lives into the clay that was draped over a pillar. Each pillar is adorned with a bronze woman with wings, to symbolize overcoming adversity.

On one pillar, an imprint of a child’s shoe. On another, a braid left from a young woman’s now shaved head after growing tired of being judged on looks alone. A third shows a key.

The women with wings perched atop the pillars have long legs to symbolize rising above the things that weigh women down, the artists said.

Words like live, laugh and love are scrawled at different angles across other imprints.

And all of the sculptures have cracks, to symbolize pain.

“The women with wings are standing on towers of life’s challenges and from there we can fly,” Acott-Fowler said.

Cindy Griffin, a CSU women’s studies professor, is the writer on the Women With Wings team. Griffin, Acott-Fowler and Women With Wings have put together an exhibit that is set to be seen across the globe.

They will travel with the exhibit, and the three other members of their team, to other U.S. destinations and in Italy.

Nan Larsen, co-director and business manager, said what touched her most about the exhibit was hearing the stories of the women who participated.

“As we listened to the stories of the amazing women, I realized how much we have in common as opposed to our differences,” Larsen said.

Women With Wings held sessions to create the sculptures around Fort Collins and even traveled to a women’s detention center.

“If I could pack my past in a trunk, I would take with me.” was the phrase that sparked the discussions and sharing of life stories.

“Nan and I are the luckiest of all because we got to hear all of the stories,” Acott-Fowler said.

Women and men alike are encouraged to check out the exhibit and discover the stories of women with wings.

Staff writer Nikki Cristello can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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