Letter to the editor

Jul 022007

I am writing about the outrageously uneducated assessment in the countdown section of this weeks paper claiming that there are “573 days until the Clinton family and Bush family trade houses again.” The Collegian has a responsibility to this university to present a fair representation of our multi-party democratic system. A statement like this when there is so much more that we have yet to learn about each candidates social, economic, and political platforms is an embarrassing reflection on our school. The simple fact that we have not even had primary elections to determine who are the top candidates for president and vice-president in any political party makes this statistic even more frustrating. I ask the Collegian to consider that we are a higher education facility that in the future should be making intelligent predications based on facts and not the feelings or hopes of one group of people. However, if it is the case that the staff at the Collegian has some insider information about an event that won’t be determined for another year and a half I would deeply appreciate some insight so that I can work on possibly finding another country to move to.

Sincerely and concernedly,

Kimber Denny

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