Jul 022007

Tomorrow, people all across the nation will be turning out by the thousands to watch the 4th of July fireworks.

However, we here at the Collegian prefer to take a more hands on approach to celebrating Independence Day.

Rather than sitting idly by as explosions pepper the sky, setting off car alarms in surrounding neighborhoods, we’ll be out on the streets grilling burgers and blowing things up.

After all, who can think of a better way to celebrate our great nation than blowing up a small part of it?

As for the whole illegality of purchasing and using fireworks in the state of Colorado – we find that it’s just a minor detail.

Do you think our founding fathers had a second of doubt before they held the Boston Tea Party simply because it was illegal?

Absolutely not. They did what they wanted to do – that’s American, so why should we do things any differently?

Of course, fireworks can be dangerous, so take care while having a little holiday fun. We don’t want to be reporting next week about any limbs getting blown off, or about people saying the Collegian told them to do it.

But whether or not you choose to cause mayhem on Wednesday or just decide to sit on the porch with friends and apple pie, please take a moment to reflect on what the holiday is all about.

Freedom. It’s fancy and goes well with fries.

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