State to blame for increase

Jun 262007
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Imagine if a child mowed his neighborhood’s lawn and when he or she went to get paid from the neighborhood council, they told him that s/he wasn’t getting any cash and, in fact, s/he had to pay them for the hard work.

That is what the state of Colorado has been doing to college students across the state for years and nothing seems to be changing. Instead, students are forced to pay for the needed improvements that go into their public, state schools.

The state needs to take responsibility before smart and intelligent in-state students start leaving for greener, out-of-state pastures.

According to the National Report Card on Higher Education, Colorado receives passing grades in all categories except affordability. The Centennial State receives a big fat “F.” Not only that, the report card stated, “the share of family income, even after financial aid, needed to pay for college, is large compared with other states.”

Gov. Bill Ritter says that he wants higher education to cost less and we believe him, but his possible new policies will have no effect on the lightened wallets of current CSU students.

The biggest question is how do you hold a state accountable for the screw-job it puts on its own universities and colleges without diminishing the qualities that make CSU and other state schools great.

If you can answer that question you are smarter than us. But even without that answer, we know the state of Colorado needs to start paying its share for higher education before its too late.

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