May 062007
Authors: Brandon Owens

Women’s varsity water sports at CSU had another notable year in the 2006-07 season. One of the biggest reasons for the programs’ continual success is John Mattos, head coach for both women’s swimming and diving and water polo.

This year was Mattos’ 27th season as the head coach of swimming and diving. The team had a dual record of 6-5 this year and placed fifth in the Mountain West Conference Championships.

“The swim team has been a little down in recent years,” said Mattos. “I think now we’ve made a successful comeback.”

This was his third year as head coach of the varsity women’s water polo program. They placed seventh in the Western Water Polo Association Championships, an improvement from their 9th place finish during the first two years.

“We are getting a lot of respect from other programs around the league,” said the CSU Hall of Fame member.

Mattos said that it is a huge challenge to coach two varsity teams. Between recruiting and coaching, he usually works somewhere between 12 and 14 hours per day from September through May. He relies heavily on the support of the people around him to get him through.

“You have to have the support of your administration,” he said. “I’ve had tremendous support.”

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