May 032007
Authors: Matt Hesselberg

Thank you once again for proving the point that the majority of this campus already knows: the Collegian, its editors and staff would be much better suited to write and edit children’s books, than an actual insightful opinion on the issues that affect this country, and on a smaller level, this campus.

The fact that you would compare the abolition of Affirmative Action to “purple gorillas” is an insult. As an institute of higher education, I feel that the students of Colorado State are entitled to an actual commentary on a very important issue, rather than a poor, irrelevant, and oversimplified analogy of Affirmative Action.

The fact is that this country should base all positions of employment, not on race or creed, but rather the simple fact of “the best person” for the job. This has simply been another poor attempt by the Collegian to put a humorous spin on a serious issue.

Now I could go into the facts that some of this country’s highest political figures including Condoleeza Rice, Barack Obama, and Alberto Gonzales are not “purple gorillas” (the majority), but I would rather not draw this out into an issue of race, but rather stick to the fact that the Collegian has once again hit a new low in what they attempt to pawn off as an intelligent opinion. In the future please do not flirt with important issues, similar to the way Dudley flirts with rubber fists, and actually write something CSU and the Fort Collins community can be proud of.

Matt Hesselberg


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