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May 022007
Authors: Emily Polak

CSU students will likely see a 5 percent tuition increase on top of a $130 fee increase for the 2007-08 school year.

Tony Frank, Assistant Director and Provost presented the draft budget to ASCSU Wednesday night, and CSU President Larry Penley will present it to the faculty council today.

“The simple fact is that most of the money that we will invest next year will come from you,” Frank said. “You are buying the academic reputation of the institution and the academic quality.”

In-state tuition is currently $4,686 per year and the proposed increase will raise it by more than $570 per year. The cost for an out-of-state student will rise to almost $17,500 per year.

“I understand the need,” said Sadie Conrad, former ASCSU vice president. “I really think it is going to better the community.”

Frank said the additional funds will go toward increasing the academic quality and value of a CSU degree.

Projects will include new graduate programs in journalism and technical communication and health and exercise science, additional faculty and improvements in security and technology.

“Dr. Frank has been honest and open and hopefully students understand,” Green said.

Sixty percent of CSU’s funding comes from students and money obtained through tuition can be spent flexibly, giving the university power to make improvements where they see necessary.

“It’s so tough,” said former ASCSU president Jason Green. “We need the money but I hate that it has to come from students.”

The credit hour gap will be closed by one credit, requiring 10 credits to qualify as a full time student. Frank said CSU is on a three-year path to get the credit hour requirement to 12 credits.

“Most of the country is at 12 and we would like to get there in a reasonable amount of time.”

CSU has more power to raise out-of-state tuition and Frank admits that tuition from students coming from states other than Colorado generates significant income for the university.

“We want to maximize the revenue we can obtain in that market (out-of-state tuition) and invest it in the institution,” Frank said.

Although the university does get a lot of revenue from out of state students Frank said diversity is important to CSU.

“It is important to bring viewpoints and students from across the country,” Conrad said. “I do have some concerns.”

The administration is in early planning stages for the 2009 fiscal year budget and Frank said he wants ASCSU to be more involved.

“The administration would love to have all of you involved early on in the process.”

Conrad and Green were appreciative of Frank’s efforts to inform ASCSU early about the draft budget and keep students involved.

“I really appreciate Tony Frank coming to talk to us,” Conrad said. “It is important he communicates.”

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