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May 022007
Authors: Valerie Hisam

Get ready to walk the walk and enjoy what local art has to offer.

On Friday night, Old Town art galleries will be transformed for the First Friday Gallery Walk, where anyone can explore all of the different art exhibits downtown for free from 6 to 9 p.m.

For the past few years, Gallery Walk has been featured on the first Friday of every month, no matter if there is rain, snow or shine. And if there is one month that comes across bad weather, then more people actually turn out the next month, said Debra Becker, the executive director of Arts Alive, a nonprofit program and sponsor of Gallery Walk.

“It’s something they mark on their calendars,” Becker said, “and every year it gets better and better.”

With 15 galleries participating, the sites can range from sculpture to contemporary pieces to photography and much more. According to Rachel Herrera, a member of Arts Alive, Gallery Walk offers something for everyone. Becker agreed.

“Gallery Walk is a great way to actually see Old Town and to see art exhibits,” Becker said. “It’s a great night to get out for the family, and is a good way to get to meet people.”

Gallery Walk isn’t just for the community though, she added. It is also a great way for local artists to have an exhibit that hundreds of people come to view.

As one of the 15 featured Gallery Walk galleries in Old Town, the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) always displays something just a little bit different for people to come see.

“We display work that seeks to address contemporary and social issues,” said Amelia Gibbs, a tutorial assistant for MOCA. “It’s not what necessarily appeals to everyone, or what sells the best, but it facilitates discussion.”

MOCA’s current exhibit that will be on display Friday night, as well as past displays, have dealt with sensitive issues ranging from the death penalty to the meaning of identity.

“These exhibits are to educate the public,” Gibbs said, “and to try to bring about positive change through the discussion of them.”

One exhibit Friday is going to display the Faces Project by the Assault Victims Advocate Center that recognizes sexual assault and rape victims. Another will be displaying for one time only the works of an Art-a-Thon, where gallery members painted, drew and sculpted their own pieces of art.

“Gallery Walk is great,” Gibbs said. “It especially gets people into the museum and off the hard work people create.”

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-Gallery Walk takes place the first Friday of every month from 6 to 9 p.m.

-It is free and 15 galleries will be open for viewing.

-There is a wide range of galleries open to see, and a list along with more information is available at

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