Apr 302007

To whom it my concern: You get 10 free POGS from Nobel Collectibles for each plus on your report card, and 5 for a check plus. Those receiving “tepees” will be rewarded zero POGS.

I wish John Mayer would have shown up for the song “Go” with Common. And did I miss the memo about Air Jordan chains being the new fad?

Does anyone else get the urge to clothesline longboarders in the dismount zone?

Dear CSU Parking Police: What if I don’t have windshield wipers. Then what? Do you carry tape?

Some people are condemning toward smokers, druggies, hippies, etc. I understand that our society looks down upon certain habits people choose to acquire, but we are not leprous. If a person chooses to be a “smoke-loving hippie,” let them. People are going to be who they want to be and do what makes them happy, despite what others think of them. Do you consider yourself flawless?

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