Apr 292007

Every once in a while, something comes along that just makes you scratch your head and wonder, what the heck were they thinking?

Usually, though, the creators realize their stupidity, retract their actions, apologize and move on with life.

What’s happening at the University of Northern Colorado is not one of these cases. It seems the UNC president is sticking firm to a decision that, at best, nothing good can come from, and at worst, is a terrible invasion of privacy.

The university has decided to post photos online of students and other individuals who have violated UNC’s student conduct code. What’s worse is that these individuals are on a Web site the university created about the Virginia Tech shootings and what its doing to prevent another shooting.

Even the university states that the individuals posted on the site aren’t necessarily a threat, the fact that they’re even associated with a massacre should be repugnant.

How could anyone think that posting photos of individuals not allowed on campus is going to make the campus safer.

There are students who are on the site who have simply violated the student conduct code and they’re pictured next to people accused of attempted murder.

We’d call the decision of UNC administrators ridiculous, but that would be an understatement.

It’s unsafe and unjust.

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