Apr 262007
Authors: James Holt

Standing on a chair above his vanquished competitors, Twinkie eating champion Pierre Houssney gave a victory yell and raised his tie-dyed T-shirt to display his cream-filled potbelly.

“I just want to thank my mom for a long, strong tradition of Hostess treats,” he said into the microphone, Twinkie cream still clinging to his scruffy beard. “I represent the band by winning this.”

Houssney plays bass for the progressive string and vocal trio Wildwood Holler, invited by the Natural Resources College Council to perform for Natural Resources Plaza Day on Lory Student Center Plaza.

“I was just walking by,” said Kyle Furtner, a junior math major. “I became kind of engulfed with all this and skipped one of my classes.”

Students lined up for the free barbecue, while others gathered to listen to the band and test their skills on the climbing wall.

“We want to celebrate natural resources and also give the university as a whole the chance to see what we’re all about,” said Katlin Miller, junior wildlife biology major and outreach coordinator for the Natural Resources College Council.

Natural Resources Days is a three-day event to celebrate CSU’s current and historical dedication to our natural resources and environment.

“(The NR College Council) has put a lot of effort into this year,” said Katie Maloney, senior environmental communications major and member for the NR College Council. “This is a great way to go out.”

“We want to get people to know who we are because we are the smallest department on campus,” said Nick Matthies, freshman geology major and member of the NR College Council. “But we are also the best.”

The Plaza was filled with booths from 22 natural resources organizations – some within the college, others from the outside Fort Collins community.

Booths ranged from the CSU study abroad program to the Mile-Hi Skydiving center.

Smokey the Bear showed up, too.

The CSU logging team also represented themselves by putting on a demonstration of a “horizontal chopping” competition.

“It’s a co-ed sport,” said Adrian Flygt, a philosophy graduate student and member of the team, as he brandished his axe. “It’s a lot easier to be a large hairy man in this business, but we accept and welcome anyone who wants to come out.”

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