Apr 262007
Authors: Editorial Board

The CSU Japanese Student Association is doing their part in contributing to the fund, while sending out prayers for the Virginia Tech victims and their loved ones by making one thousand paper cranes. They are doing this because in Japan one thousand cranes means peace. Read the story on the front page for more information.

As a sign or solidarity, and also just because origami is fun, we have included directions for you to make your very own crane out of today’s paper. Enjoy…just make sure you finish your Sudoku before you start folding.

Step 1. Fold a perfectly square piece of paper hotdog style.

Step 2. Fold hamburger style, creating two squares, then undo. Next fold the new square on the right diagonally toward you.

Step 3. Diagonally fold the left side toward the back.

Step 4. Open from the bottom

Step 5. Crease the front left and right edges toward the center. Next back out and pull up the bottom point.

Step 6. Turn over and repeat step 5.

Step 7. Fold left and right edges along the dotted lines, toward the center. Repeat on back.

Step 8. Open the bottom. Fold left and right points together by spreading the front and back crease.

Step 9. Fold the bottom front up.

Step 10. Fold the same point forward and down along the doted line.

Step 11. Fold bottom point to the back along the dotted line.

Step 12. Open the sides.

Step 13. Fold down the wings and expand the body.

Step 14. Blow gently into the bottom to expand the body. Tw.

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