Apr 262007
Authors: DJ Maverick

For Zach Carothers, John Gourley, and Jason Sechrist, rolling into Fort Collins at 1 a.m. from an all-night drive out of Kansas is just another part of the business.

They make up the band Portugal the Man. The trio is setting out to tour on their upcoming release, due out next month.

The three stopped by KCSU on Thursday night before the show.

Maverick: So your name is Portugal the Man.What does that mean??

Zach: Well, we wanted a single name for the band, but still have it represent a

group of people. We decided to use a country’s name, and Portugal just sounded cool.

Maverick: Two of you guys are from Alaska. What was it like growing up there?

Zach: It’s pretty sweet.like a different country from here.

John: Yeah, when you are gone for like a couple years, you realize how empty it is. There is a lot to see, it’s a great landscape.

Maverick: So what was the inspiration to start up the band?

John: Well, PTM started out as an electronic project, until we hooked up with Jason.

Zach: We scored Jason from another band after we moved down to Portland. He was working on a project at the time, and we asked him to come on the record.

John: Yeah, on “Waiter, You Vultures” (Portugal The Man’s most recent full length), you can hear that it’s part beat based, part drums, but as we kept playing live, the songs became jams, and we would add drums over the beats, and just went with it.

Maverick: So playing on the road, who have you gotten to perform with?

Zach: We pretty much get to play with our friends on the road. We’ve worked a few with Fear Before the March of Flames.Circa Survive and Mewithoutyou took us out, too.

Maverick: So do you have any fond tour memories that stand out?

Zach: Yeah, when we played Germany.

John: We were on no sleep before the first show. Normally we play a 30-45 minute set. When we got there we found out we were headlining, and they were expecting an hour and a half set.

Zach: So we had to play like the Grateful Dead, but jamming out on our songs was just so much fun.

Maverick: What about touring here in the states?

Zach: We’re pretty experienced. We’ve done it so many times, we recognize the


Maverick:.with the tour van?

Zach: Yeah, we have a big red van. It breaks down on us all the time. We blew out the air conditioner in Texas once, and to keep the car running, we had to blast the heat.

Maverick: So how long do you get to stay in Colorado before you hit the road again?

John: We’re in Fort Collins and Denver, and then we get to hit Grand Junction before we leave.

Maverick: Are you making a stop in Portugal?

Zach: Not yet.but soon.

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