Gray speaks at Capitol

Apr 262007
Authors: Hilary Davis

Dr. William Gray, professor emeritus of CSU’s atmospheric sciences department and chair of the Tropical Meteorology Project, will speak to a group of Republican lawmakers today about global warming.

“They asked me to come down about a month ago,” Gray said in a telephone interview. “We finally got all the details arranged.”

Gray has spent more than 50 years in research and teaching and is renowned worldwide for his contribution to the field of atmospheric science and hurricane prediction. In the wake of surging environmental concern over global warming, Gray has recently been in the spotlight more than ever.

However, unlike many of his peers, Gray doesn’t believe global warming is a large threat. Gray says humans are not the cause of warming, and that any change in global temperature is part of the Earth’s natural heating and cooling patterns.

“It’s all over-hyped and overplayed,” Gray said. “I feel like it’s my duty to straighten things out.”

With a Democratic governor and a Democratic majority in the state house, Gray, a self-proclaimed liberal, has found a listening ear among some Republican legislators.

“I’m hoping to balance out the situation,” Gray said. “I have a lot of data and a lot of information to present. I think, right now, my side of the issue is being steamrolled.”

Gray has long been an outspoken, anti-global warming voice. For more in-depth information on the science and politics of Dr. Gray, see next week’s Collegian.

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