Apr 252007

I found out the hard way that desperate times call for desperate measures. I finally decided to change my “looking for” status on facebook from “friendship, dating and a relationship” to “whatever I can get”… sad, sad day.

I feel bad for the little kid who got hit at the spring football game, but that kid is freaking famous now. The clip has almost 44,000 views on YouTube, in one day.

Next time you are in Weber just walk in and take the papers off the printer and see if anyone says anything.

The people who chose Fort Collins as the #1 city in the U.S. obviously did not drive. Citizens of Fort Collins: Go at least the speed limit or get out of my way.

As I was bored in class today I was thinking, if the guy from “The

Bachelor” was teaching my class, I think I’d have a much easier time paying attention.

To the person who wants $90,000 for the Common show because too many strangers pushed them, have you ever gone to a concert?

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