Apr 252007
Authors: Brian Park

You’re swerving through the Poudre Canyon with a bunch of zombies and ghouls in your car who have a penchant for caveman chanting, Funkadelic and bouncy beats.

No you’re not in the depths of a cheesy horror movie being filmed in Northern Colorado – this is what it feels like to listen to the new album by the Watchers.

The Chicago-based quintet lets you know from the first track “Chess Champion,” with its throbbing drumming and jagged bass, that it’s time to shake what yo’ momma gave you.

Musically “Vampire Driver” doesn’t sound anything like traditional funk, or indie rock, or dance rock for that matter. These Windy City boys just bring the heat – screw the musical category they fall under.

The second track kicks in with a jerky little guitar line and lead vocalist Michael Guarrine sounds strangely reminiscent of David Byrne. One-third of the way through the song the cavemen hollers start. With drawn-out “Ahhh-Ahhhs,” reminiscent of the Talking Heads song “Swamp” blaring in the background, the Watchers lay down some sounds that even the disgruntled Geico cavemen would appreciate.

Whether you dig the deliriousness of P-Funk, “No Wave” groups like James Chance and the Contortions (Mr. Chance shows up on “Crumbs”) or newer fare like !!! or Q and Not U, the Watchers will satisfy any palate.

From the blustering “(We’ve Got) A Witness” clocking in at less than two minutes to the charming guitar of “Mercenary Birds” it’s all there – this is an album, not a CD you skip through.

Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Check em’ Out: www.myspace.com/watchers

Staff writer Brian Park can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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