Our View: 4/20 and police

Apr 222007

Kudos to the Colorado-Boulder police and university officials for their handling of this year’s annual 4/20 celebration.

Last year, the university snapped photos of hundreds of smokers, posted them online and encouraged community members to snitch on their fellow citizens.

We understand where the university came from. As much as we here at the Collegian may be welcoming and tolerant of the pot folk, we could understand why a university may not like being associated nationally with an event like that.

Still, heavy-handed police tactics like that do nothing but draw even more media attention to the celebration and encourage the kind of police state we can’t support.

But this year was a welcome relief, as police and university officials apparently decided it wasn’t worth dedicating that amount of police resources to handing out $100 tickets to potheads.

Thank goodness common sense won out.

Whatever the ultimate reason, we’re glad CU decided this time around to simply ride out the storm.

“What we did last year apparently wasn’t a deterrent to this year,” said Bronson Hilliard, a CU spokesman. “We’re going to revisit this and see new ways of keeping this from campus.”

It’s good to see a university official admit a tactic didn’t work and move on. We just hope that future strategies don’t resemble last year’s.

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