Apr 222007

I attended an ASCSU Senate Meeting on April 11, 2007. I was hoping for an interesting learning experience to discover what ASCSU does but came away very disappointed.

It’s not difficult to understand the low voter turnout – a terrible 18.56 percent – when you try to get more information about ASCSU. The meetings are boring and uninformative, as I spent listening to re-hashed information about parking and attempts to reach and maintain quorum. Between 6:30 and 9 p.m., I didn’t hear any news. It’s next to impossible to learn about ASCSU from their website; the calendar and recent news both fail to reflect current events and the office hours of senators are not listed.

The Collegian should considering running a column documenting the activities of ASCSU, similar to the old “Blotter” relating police activities. Many students claim not to care about student government, but they likely are not aware that over sixteen million dollars in student fees go to ASCSU each year. They deserve to be well informed on where their money is going.

Samantha Kantrowitz



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