Apr 222007

I will like to hold up my hands very high to all at CSU and Fort Collins for showing their support to the fellow students and faculty lost at Virginia Tech and their families, especially those at the vigil on Wednesday. As a former graduate student, lab instructor and youth program coordinator at CSU back on the 1990s, and now working as physics professor at Florida State University branch in Panama were I teach students from many parts of the world, I felt this tragedy really deep in my heart, as other CSU alumni around the world. Every campus is a big living community, a big family. Any tragedy that happens to one or many, affects us all. I am sure all the CSU family will continue to live on as a big caring family so something like that will never happen at our beloved and always remembered campus looked upon by the big ‘A’, a place so great I called home many years ago.

Azael Barrera, PhD

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