LTTE: Harmless fetishes

Apr 222007

Your writer, Kevin Dudley, has made a serious mistake in his recent (April16) sexual rant, “Dear Dudley: Why treat wife like a whore?”

His so-called “harmless fetishes” do indeed hurt people. first and foremost himself, as they debase the Godly image he was made in. They also debase his readers, whose minds are filled with unclean and unedifying images.

Sex is the physical manifestation of a much deeper level of love that extends all the way to the spiritual part of you and your spouse. Sex is the human at his and her most vulnerable, and that’s why it needs to be supported by a firm relationship (marriage) and not just a casual fling or encounter. Even animals don’t mate indiscriminately, but rather form bonded pairs. Dudley’s fetishes therefore don’t even rise to the level of animals. They are not only childish, but satanic.

It would be tragic to allow Satan to hijack God’s masterpiece and use and abuse people for his nefarious purposes. It might seem like harmless fun, but each and every form of abuse simply leads to more degradation. It’s just not worth it.


Michael Korn

MAKOM Ministries

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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