Apr 222007

In the aftermath of the most current school shooting, it is interesting to note that the same cries are going out to America’s schools, telling them to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again. This is a bit paradoxical, akin to telling a mugging or rape victim to be more careful next time. Such anti-social behavior is unpredictable! That is why it is “aberrant.”

Why do people assume that America’s institutions must be constantly prepared to address the unpredictable threat of extremely violent crime? Why not make it more difficult to perpetrate such violent crimes?

In other words, Virginia Tech is not at fault. The man who bought a Glock .19 pistol and several ammunition magazines is. It is quite possible to bring a concealed handgun and fifty rounds of prepared ammunition into nearly any college in this country. Unless citizens will allow searches of their belongings every time they enter a building on campus, it will always be possible to bring this kind of firepower into a school.

Because Americans have yet to approve a strict search regimen in our schools and an aggressive police presence, we can effectively curtail such violent shootings by legally restricting access to concealed weapons. The federal ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines and assault weapons expired in 2004. Why did Americans allow this? Many states are “shall issue” states, which must sell a gun to a buyer with no criminal background. Legislating these issues will begin to reduce such violent tragedies.

Greg Douras

CSU faculty member

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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