CSU is a business

Apr 222007
Authors: Katrina Aspnes

During recent weeks there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the future of CSU. A fellow colleague stated “Penley runs CSU like a business, but it’s not! CSU is a school.” I once believed the same, but came to realize quite the opposite.

CSU is much like a business in the sense that it offers a product for consumers to purchase. A CSU education is the product sold and the consumer is the student.

Just as you would research and analyze various car models before purchasing, we, the students, each followed a similar process when selecting CSU as our university. Our search began with researching background information on our possible higher education destinations; followed by applying, being accepted, and traveling to various campuses to test drive our options-all in hopes of finding the best university to meet our goals. Each of us selected CSU for a variety of reasons, but as a whole we hope that CSU will provide us with the best resources to meet our goals.

No matter what our individual reasons for selecting CSU as the provider of our higher education, we each pay for a product and expect CSU to meet our expectations; our expectations including, an education in a desired field, a safe and positive learning environment, and a degree that will help us obtain the career of our dreams. CSU strives to meet each of these goals in order to satisfy the consumer, as keeping the customer happy is an essential facet of any successful business.

Another aspect of any company is keeping up with the ever-rising costs of the economy. This is done each year with the much expected and dreaded tuition increase, as CSU and other institutions must keep up with the rising costs of the economy. These annual increases are implemented as a means to maintain the current standing and productivity of the University. Though we are far from ecstatic when we pull more cash from our wallets each year we know the increase is just one more dollar we invest in our future.

CSU has successfully run its business for over 100 years and has provided a quality product to over 115,000 consumers.

Katrina Aspens is a junior microbiology major. Her column appears occasionally in the Collegian. Replies and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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