Apr 192007

When students attended Take Back the Night Thursday, they did so together.

In the past, male and female students took part in separate ceremonies before coming together. This year, there was one ceremony for all and this is something the Collegian is all for.

Take Back the Night is a time where all community members, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, take a stand against sexual assault. It should not matter if you identify with being a male or female, what matters is that you take a stand.

Every person at Take Back the Night was taking a stand against hate, a stand against violence, a stand against one person taking power from another.

We understand that the majority of sexual assault victims are women, but that is even more reason for all people to come together. Individuals are to blame for sexual assault not genders.

The first Take Back the Night took place 30 years ago in Pennsylvania and ever since then, people have had the chance to take a stand and at CSU, they have started to take that stand together.

When it comes down to it, sexual assault is a crime against all humans and by bringing people together, Take Back the Night, took on more meaning than ever at CSU.

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