Apr 172007

What better way to show you care about the environment than to waste hundreds of trees by printing up posters advertising the many ways you care about the environment.

My deepest sympathy goes out to those who are suffering from this terrible tragedy. It makes it that much worse that it happened during the anniversary of the Columbine shooting. You’re all in our hearts and prayers.

Engineers get $200 chairs because they sit in one for 15 hours a day.

Thursday I did an experiment. I crushed an empty Pepsi can and watched it from 13 feet away. Here is what I found: 36 kids walked directly over or around it, 4 of those had Chacos on and no one picked it up. Sweet. But this girl did kick it.

To the person with paper towel trouble: if you use a paperclip to open the dispenser door, you can change the settings on the right to dispense more paper towel. It works in the dorms.

I think my one-night stand should give me a call so we can make it a two-night stand.

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