Apr 172007

The Athletics Department wants you to give up three Chipotle burritos per semester. And not only because they are sponsored by Qdoba.

Today ASCSU will vote on all student fees for the 2007-2008 school year and the most controversial will be the Athletics Department fee increase. For the second consecutive year, the department is asking for a $15 per semester fee increase per student.

ASCSU should approve this increase because it will continue to give athletes a chance to compete at the Division-I level. CSU’s athletics budget is already the smallest in the Mountain West Conference and needs the money to level the playing field in multiple aspects.

Even though the money directly impacts only 400 students – the varsity athletes at CSU – every single student at CSU can benefit from a positive athletics program. If the football team goes to a bowl game or the basketball team goes to the NCAA tournament, the national reputation of CSU goes up in every field.

This does not mean that Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk has free reign to do what he pleases with the money. Results must start to happen and programs need to take steps in the right direction before students have lost complete faith in the Athletics Department.

For all his downfalls, President Penley has been a staunch supporter of athletics and the belief that good teams on the playing field will eventually translate to good academic programs in the classroom. And we are right there with him.

So ASCSU, we are OK giving up those six burritos a year, and we are sure that the majority of students are too.

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