Sierra Krizman remembered

Apr 162007
Authors: Nikki Cristello

Sierra Krizman was a mix of sugar and spice, her friends remembered Monday. She masterminded late-night shenanigans with her friends – like leaving Ruby, the mannequin on the doorsteps of friends and coworkers.

And she was the only one to never get caught.

“We would put (the mannequin) on the door steps of whoever was luckiest that night,” friend Ashley Fink said at a memorial service. “Friends, bosses, whoever.”

About 1,000 people packed into the Crossroads Church, which Krizman attended, in Loveland on Monday with heavy hearts and watery eyes. Family and friends said Krizman was a fervent Christian, who relied on God in every aspect of her life.

Krizman, 20, died of meningococcal sepsis on April 10 at the McKee Medical Center in Loveland.

To Fink, Jenna Shaffer and Andrea Findley, Krizman was a devoted friend.

The threesome got matching tattoos of wings with the initials “S.M.K.” and a heart in remembrance of Krizman, who was also a University of Northern Colorado student. Krizman liked the design and talked about getting it as a tattoo.

“We felt the three of us should get the tattoo for her,” Fink said.

Ashley Schaefer, a Front Range Community College student knew Krizman since elementary school and talked often with Krizman about their futures as teachers.

“We used to talk about how we were going to meet at Starbucks and let our kids run around while we bitched about our husbands,” Schaefer said.

Those who spoke said Krizman was a ray of sunshine who was always there to help.

Kelly Wagner, a CSU student knew Krizman from a young age.

“I met Sierra when she was three,” Wagner said. “She used to be afraid of me because I was so tall. Once she got over that, we spent every day together. We rode bikes with sparklers [streamers] coming out the handles and baskets in the front.”

Krizman loved chocolate milk, the Lord, text messaging, snowboarding and anything pink. Mostly, though she loved her friends and family.

“She was a beautiful, wonderful person with a great personality,” Findley said. “I never could have asked for a better friend.”

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