Apr 162007

I love it when my Subway sandwich is just messy enough to fulfill my two-napkin allocation…

Why the heck do we have scams in the classifieds page of the Collegian?! It is encouraging bad and illegal behavior and subjecting to students to exploitation!

Why am I ranting at Ramtalk? I should be studying for my biology test.

Yesterday I noticed 3 pieces of gum underneath my desk in Clark A205 and there are roughly 120 desks in the class. That’s 360 pieces of gum per class, just imagine the mass of chewed gum that lies underneath all the desks on campus.

Does anyone else now find themselves thinking what Simon would say every time you hear someone sing?

We criticize Boulder for its large amount of Subarus, but does anyone ever notice how many VW Bugs there are in Ft. Collins??

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