Apr 152007

CSU students and professors with ties to Virginia and Virginia Tech reacted to the university shooting in their home state with shock and sadness.

“This is absolutely horrible,” said Aaron Shiflett, a CSU student. The junior animal science major transferred to CSU from Virginia Tech and her little sister currently goes there.

“My parents were definitely worried about my little sister but relieved she’s OK,” she said. “I wish I could be there with my friends with family.”

Jenn Matheson, an assistant professor of Human Development and Family Studies at CSU and an alumni of Virginia Tech, said the place of the shooting, Blacksburg, is a small town and the university’s a large part of it.

“I felt profound sadness for the community; the students, faculty and staff,” she said. “I’m sad for the reality; for all of us.”

Susan Athey, associate dean for undergraduate programs in the College of Business at CSU, was a student at Virginia Tech and lived in the dorm where one of Monday’s shootings happened.

“I can’t believe it,” she said. “Virginia Tech is exactly like CSU. It is the same size. It has a vet school. It is identical with CSU but in a much smaller town.”

Alyssa Fellow lived a couple hours away from Virginia Tech. The senior equine science major now attends CSU. She said she doesn’t feel unsafe at CSU, and that singular acts of violence are always going to happen.

“I think Virginia Tech and CSU are as safe as possible,” she said. “There’s not a whole lot people can do if people want to do something like this.”

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