Apr 152007
Authors: Nikki Cristello

Phi Delta Theta and Pi Beta Phi were the first to earn the $5,000 Presidential Vision Awards on Sunday night, for their proposals to recognize CSU’s star alumni and enhance sexual assault awareness.

“Greek Night Out is one of the most exciting nights of the year,” said Mark Koepsell, the director of Greek Life. “It celebrates the hard work fraternities and sororities have done throughout the year. It is amazing to see it all culminate into one evening.”

CSU President Larry Penley presented the grant awards to the sororities.

Jordan Neeley, a junior construction management major and former Phi Delta Theta President, accepted the award for his chapter.

“We’re really excited to finally be able to put this plan into action and be able to further awareness for sexual assault,” Neeley said.

Pi Beta Phi, which was also named the Panhellenic Chapter of the Year, will be implementing a program to demonstrate the success of CSU Alumni.

“Our program will bring CSU alumni from all different professions,” said Nancy DiGiorgio, a junior restaurant and resort management major. “It will be like a career fair for all students to attend.”

Penley thanked the Greeks and handed them certificates.

“I look forward to working with you and making your proposals real in the next year,” Penley said.

Interfraternity Council President Jarred Quintana gave a kaleidoscope to Koepsell, who is leaving his current position with CSU, as a gift for his dedication to Greek Life.

Anne Hudgens, executive director of Campus Life, and Jennifer Williams Molock, Director of Black Student Services spoke about working with Koepsell.

“The last nine years have been incredible,” Hudgens said. “We have weathered the best and the worst in my remembrance.”

A teary Williams Molock reminded all in attendance of Koepsell’s long and distinguished career at CSU.

“I have appreciated a lot about our friendship,” Williams Molock said. “Mark is genuine and gentle. He is the calm in the midst of a storm.”

The Awards conclude Greek Week, which raised more than $4,000 for Habitat for Humanity.

Staff writer Nikki Cristello can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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